The vision of AHS is; All Hands Services B.V. is the specialist in bringing the employee and employer together in the technical sector. Together we ensure an increased quality by investing in our  employees, by developing synergy with our customers on staff policy and by offering a 24/7 excellent service.

AHS stands for "back to basics". We act normal like any other and are available to everyone. We do not distinguish ourselves at a level but respect the knowledge of everyone at different levels. Open and direct with a hint of boldness to the competition, AHS provides temporary workers in an innovative way.

AHS stands for an integration of several combinations. They bear the overall responsibility to work risk-avoiding. Each risk is pre-defined and limited to a bearable risk where their employees are properly instructed and taught about. Despite the commercial approach of AHS, their social interest comes first. The employee must express AHS and feel that they fit within the organisation of AH. By using an informal working method, AHS wants to be close to its clients and employees.